Tawn brings years of excellent Doula experience, and the professionalism of working in the corporate world into her doula career. She currently specializes in multiples, singletons, special needs, sleep training, and overnights,  and has been working and training as a Postpartum Doula since 2005. Tawn has applied herself  to education surrounding birth, postpartum, baby care, and breastfeeding, and continues to invest in ongoing education often. Clients speak of her wonderful talents at managing   multiples, her hardworking caring attitude, and her informative care. Tawn brings her positive energy, well-researched information, and many "tiny baby" talent to her clients every week. 

Tawn gives her love to infants, mothers, and the birth process and is trained in basic postpartum support, infant care, practical home care, and can assist a family whether breastfeeding or bottle feeding, She has worked with many clients during the fourth tri-master from the early weeks to several months out, including singles, twins, all the way to quintuplets, high need infants, and mothers with postpartum depression, and she offers days, evening, overnight and 24 hour care. Clients rave about her energy and abilities, her gentle care of their babies and her positive support for their mothering. 

Mommiez, Daddiez, and Me! Is a Postpartum Doula Service, That Was created and opened in September 2008. This business has allowed me to interact with newborns and new parents- Especially new moms. 

We assist  with transitioning to a families new "normal".

The parents lives have been changed by a small and precious miracle that has come into their family. 

'It brings me joy, great joy, to serve families and watch them develop their own parenting styles' --Tawn 

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